International Transport

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Our company is in first line specialised in export transports into he following countries using our own transport assets: Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgien, Netherland. Import transports are also being mainly fulfilled from the countries mentioned above. Beyond these transports we are also launching transportation assets to Sweden and Denmark.


We guarantee the security of our transports using the WEBEYE tracing system, through which we are continuously able to track the progress of our fleet. As needed access may be granted to our internet platform for our customers in order to track the flow of transportation from pick up to delivery.


As needed we may provide acellerated transportation services to our customers using two drivers. This kind of transport is also being called in transportation terms a „double crew”.


In order to best serve our partners transportation needs we may offer beyond our own transportation fleet our well proven subcontractor capacities as well.


Our base location in Spain can be found in the area of Castellon. In this area we have our tilt and mega trailers arriving on a daily basis with a loading capacity of 24-26 tons.


Our services of international transport:

  • Transports with mega trucks (3 m high of inside)
  • Transports with tilt trucks (with maximum loading capacity of 26 tons and 13,6 m long)
  • Transports with frigo trucks (with maximum loading capacity of 22 tons)
  • Transports of dangeorus goos (ADR)
  • Transports of frigo dangeorus goods
  • Tranpsorts with small cranable tracks with tail lift (with maximum loading capacity of 10 tons)
  • Transports of part load and LTL transport


In case of enquiry of international transport please keep in touch with our colleagues.

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