Transport with Megatrailer

szaki mega


Transporting goods with MEGA trailers provides a huge loading space due to the 3 meters inner height while optimizing the costs of our clients.

  • Dimensions of our Megatrailers: 13,6 m x 2,45 m x 3 m
  • Useful weight: 24-26 tons
  • Capacity: 100 m3, 33 EU palettes or 26 english palettes

We are conducting transports with our trucks in first line within the premises of the EU (European Union). We have several trucks per week arriving in Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante..), Germany, Italy (Pescara…). We also accept transport assignments for Belgium and the Netherlands.


In order to provide a safe trannsportation for our customers our entire fleet has been equipped with GPS tracking devices and our drivers with cellular phones.


As needed access may be granted to our internet platform for our customers in order to track the flow of transportation from pick up to delivery. 

As needed we may provide also acellerated transportation services to our customers using two drivers. This kind of transport is also being called in transportation terms a „double crew”.


In case of enquiry of transport with mega trailer please keep in touch with our colleagues.

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