Transport with cooler trailer units

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Certain products require special transportation conditions for which our fleet has to meet special requirements as well. Our solution to meet the quality standard requirments of products required to be temperature controlled is our fleet of cooler trailers.


The inside temperature of these trailers may be set between -25 and +25 Celsius degrees.


The temperature controlling units installed in our cooler trailer allow the driver to control and oversee the temperature in the cargo area and to adjust the temperature if needed. Basic devices mounted in our trucks are GPS tracking unit, spanish door lock, door opening sensor.
Furthermore constant internet tracking with its own password may also be requested.


Our firm is mainly conducting transports with our trucks within the premises of the EU (European Union).
We are in possession of cooler trailers and drivers fit for ADR transports. (Dangereous Goods transports)


Our main destinations: Belgien, Netherland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy


Our further destinations: Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland


As needed we may provide acellerated transportation services to our customers using two drivers. This kind of transport is also being called in transportation terms a „double crew”.


We accept transport orders for cooler trailer transporting for the following goods:

  • regular goods requiring a box trailer
  • sensitive goods, goods of value
  • goods that have to be tempered
  • fresh goods
  • goods with frost protection requirements
  • pre-cooled goods
  • quick-cooled goods
  • deep-cooled goods


We use the following transport assets for the cooler transport:

  • normal refrigerator truck
  • refrigerator truck for transporting of dangerous goods (ADR)


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