Domestic Transport

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We are able to provide transportation services of goods to any part of Hungary. The majority of our small trucks may be loaded by crain and is equipped by a tail lift.
Our tractor trailers may be loaded by crain, in which we also have mega trailers with an extendable roof.

We guarantee the security of our transports using the WEBEYE tracing system, through which we are concidentaly able to track the progress of our fleet. As needed access may be granted to our internet platform for our customers in order to track the flow of transportation from pick up to delivery.

In order to best serve our partners transportation needs we may offer beyond our own transportation fleet our well proven subcontractor capacities as well.


Our transport assets of domestic traffic:

  • Small trucks with tail lift (with 0,8 – 2,4 tons maximum capacity)
  • Small cranable tilt trucks with tail lift (with 4,8 – 6,7 tons maximum capacity)
  • Small cranabel tilt trucks wit tail lift (with 8-10 tons maximum capacity)
  • Tilt trucks (with 24-26 tons maximum capacity)
  • Mega trucks (with 26 tons capacity, trailers with an extendable roof.


In case of enquiry of domestic transport please keep in touch with our colleagues.

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