Dangerous goods transport (ADR)

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The term dangerous goods (ADR) stand for goods that coud lead to an explosion, fire or damage human health or the enviroment during their transportation.
These goods will be assigned UN numbers and classified in related regulation in various classes of danger, their transport requires special permits as well as adequate equipment and knowledge.


Our firm is in possession of all the required permit as well as softside and cooler trailers equipped with all necessary equipment to transport dangerous goods in a safe manner. Our driver personnel has succesfully obtained the ADR permits for transporting goods in pieces, are continuously being trained and are in possesion of experience of several years doing such tranpsorts.


When tranpsorting different classes of dangerous goods together, it is especially important to adhere to the compatibility restrictions and to comply with ADR regulations of transporting dangerous goods together.


We need the following informations for an offer of ADR transport:

  • Class number of the dangerous goods
  • UN number
  • Packing


The most frequently occurring dangerous goods (ADR):

  • cleaning products
  • cosmetic products
  • paints, lacquers
  • chemical products


Class numbers of ADR:

  • 1. class: Explosives – we don’t have this class license
  • 2. class: Gases
  • 3. class: Flammable liquid
  • 4.1. class: Flammable solid
  • 4.2 class: Spontaneously combustible substance
  • 4.3. class: Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas
  • 5.1. class: Oxidising substance
  • 5.2. class: Organic peroxide
  • 6.1. class: Toxic substance
  • 6.2. class: Infectious substance
  • 7. class: Radioactive material – we don’t have this class license
  • 8. class: Corrosive substance
  • 9. class: Miscellaneous dangerous goods


The following documents must accompany the Dangerous Goods:

  • transport documentst
  • written instructions;
  • ADR-type approval;
  • education certificate of ADR;
  • cleaning document;
  • different permits and decisions


Attention! Our firm is committed to transporting dangerous goods with the exception of classes 1 and 7.

In case of enquire of ADR transports please keep in touch with our colleagues.

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