International transportation

On the international freight market each of the suppliers try to be among the tops. As the swiftness, timeliness, and a responsibility are basic standards in international transportation, we have to provide those kind of plus services for the customers, which make more efficient the delivery of goods.


Domestic transportation

The basics of our well-organized life ensure precisely coordinated services such as Domestic transport.Our company operates in the Domestic transport market since the beginning of 90′s. During this 20 years experiance our company has continuously developed and expanded. By now the company became one of the specified player in the Domestic transport.


Dangerous goods (ADR) ransport

Although In point of the transport is the secure an essential aspect but it can be necessary to secure the goods with extra extent. During the delivery of dangeorus is the security the most important condition, sometimes the qickness neither can’t exceed this point of you.


Transport with Megatrailer

Transport with Megatrailers are  cost-effective transport solution. The megatrailer with 3 m high of inside ensure a huge  space for the goods, so our customers can opimize their costs efficiently.


Transport with refrigerator truck

Wenn our customer has products which requires to keep a special temperature on the way than our refrigerator truck are the best solution. Our company take transports primarily in the European Union countries, but in case of requirement we can transport also to Schwitzerland.



Everyone’s life the moment will come when you will need to become familiar environment. Unfortunately, the move is not a pleasant part of life for many moments. The days-long wrap up, circles between the old and the new location, moving heavy objects, and an unloading stress situation for many people.